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This is a link to Alt-BEAM2 It will be searchable shortly, just wait for Google to crawl it.

This is just a collection of links that I use often, and I've put them on the web so I can access them from anywhere. Feel free to use this as a resource if you're interested in artifical life, robotics, or electronics.
The stars mark some of the best sites. To get more information on a site, hold your mouse over it.
Remember, this is stuff that I've found useful, and you might not.
Disclaimer: I'm not saying that you should do anything on any of the listed sites. Please use them only as educational resources.


Bookmarks for
Chu's Intellectual Jokes & Quotes Page
Deep Thoughts
Free Cryptography Book
Multitudes of Quotes
Pinhole Camera Resources
Pinhole pictures
Skeptics Files
Sodaplay Constructor
The Matchstick Rocket Website
The Other Side

Created 1/10/01

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